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Oct. 18 (Thu)  Grand Ballroom 101 Room - SS01 TH
10:20-10:30 [SS 01 TH-05] 
Ultrasonographic features of papillary thyroid carcinoma at the time of diagnosis predict prognostic factors.
Speaker Sang Yu Nam (Samsung Medical Center)
Authors Sang Yu Nam,Jung Hee Shin,Boo-kyung Han,Eun Young Ko,Eun Sook Ko,Soo Yeon Han
Affiliation Samsung Medical Center
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We hypothesized that papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) that is benign-looking on ultrasound (US) at the time of diagnosis would have a better prognosis. We investigated differences in prognostic factors between PTCs with and without malignant US criteria.

From March 2006 to December 2006, 488 patients who underwent surgery for PTC were enrolled. We retrospectively reviewed clinical records, histological and US findings of index tumors. Malignant-looking (M) and benign-looking (B) PTCs were compared in terms of patient`s age, tumor size, symptom, histological subtype, multiplicity, lymph node (LN) metastasis, extrathyroidal extension, stage, recurrence, and distance metastasis. B-PTC was defined as showing none of accepted US criteria.


B-PTCs accounted for 74 (15%) of all 304 PTCs. Mean tumor size was not different with 1.10cm for M-PTC and 1.11cm for B-PTC (P=0.947). Univariate analysis indicated that M-PTC showed more frequently LN metastasis and extrathyroidal extension than B-PTC (45% vs 28%, P=0.005; 64% vs 39%, P <.001). Stage IV was more common in M-PTC than in B-PTC (14% vs 4%, P=0.012). Recurrence was identified in 21 (5%) of M-PTCs and only one of B-PTCs (P=0.226). The frequency of LN metastasis, extrathyroidal extension, stage III, and stage IV were significantly higher in M-PTC than B-PTC based on multivariate analysis. No patient had distance metastasis.

PTC without malignant US criteria has better prognostic factors than PTC with US criteria. Therefore, US features at the time of diagnosis can serve as a useful tool to predict prognostic factors of PTC.

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